The Itch That Was Scratched

Ages ago I whipped up a little program in Borland C++ Builder to help me keep track of important dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

It proved to be a popular little program with a few of my friends and family. I think part of its charm was that entering events was as simple as editing a text file, and the fact that it didn’t hang around in the system tray, tying up resources. It did its job and then got out of the way.

Time moved on and I moved from running Windows as my main desktop to running Linux, so I stopped using BDay personally. But every now and again someone would mention what a useful little program it was, and so I wanted to give it a bit of an update, as well as make it cross-platform so I could run it on Linux and others could still use it on Windows.

This also gave me the opportunity to learn a little bit of wxWidgets, a cross-platform GUI library written in C++, but with interfaces for many programming languages.

So enter version 2, with the ability to edit files inside the program (instead of just opening notepad) and some fancier event formats like day of the week.