Below are some open source software applications and libraries that I have created and are available for use. Please send me an email if you find any of them useful.

  • BDay: The super simple birthday and anniversary reminder program.

  • Erudite: Download articles from Instapaper, convert them to an appropriate format such as EPUB or MOBI, and add them to your Calibre ebook library.

  • Evlib Java: A collection of reusable tools and utilities that I found I was often re-implementing in different Java projects.

  • Others: The miscellaneous bucket for other small projects.


Main Window

BDay is a super simple birthday and anniversary reminder program, available for Windows or Linux. Written in C++, BDay is a simple program to help you track birthdays and anniversaries. It runs when you start or log in to your computer, displays any events that are coming up, and then exits when you click OK. It does not hang around in the system tray or as a background process taking up your computer’s resources. If there are no events to be displayed, then you wont even see BDay run.

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clementinemonitor: Monitors what is currently playing in your Clementine music player, by hooking into the relevant dbus signals to detect state change.

timeline: Shell script that collects screen captures and (optionally) webcam captures and builds a daily time-lapsed video of the day’s activity.

tracks-nfs-mail-handler: A PHP script to use’s feature of being able to redirect an email alias to a URL in order to create new actions in a tracks installation.