Evan McLean – Analyst/Programmer

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As my employment history below shows, I have had the opportunity to learn and use a wide range of technologies in various environments. Below is a brief summary of my skills.

C/C++: Have developed in both C and C++ in a wide variety of environments. These include embedded systems, UNIX and Windows operating systems developing applications such as Internet CGIs, data conversion, web page generation, paging systems, device drivers, learning management systems and protocol simulators.

Java: Developed a revision control system using Java Servlets (Tomcat) to manage the source control and generation of Adobe Flash multimedia files for computer based training software. We-based timesheet entry systems. Heavy use of JDBC and\ RMI and some XML. Also written various command line, swing GUI and Eclipse RCP based utilities.

Internet: Have done lots of web based development, including the Java Servlets based system listed above, CGI programs to provide facilities such as ad-hoc SQL database queries, learning management systems and courseware delivery. Also acted as system administrator for a company web server running Apache HTTP server on Linux.

Client/Server: Developed several applications using PC/Windows 95 clients, and a variety of databases on both NT and UNIX back-end servers.

Databases: Have designed and administered databases for many projects. Responsibilities have included overall database design, optimisation of batch processes and general queries, and trouble-shooting concurrency problems in a multi-user environment. Databases include Oracle, Postgresql, MS SQL Server, MS Access, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Ingres and CodeBase (xBase).

Embedded Systems: Worked for three years developing and enhancing an NEC paging system using a Motorola 68K CPU. Most of the system was written in C, and had to interface with other systems and operations terminals. Debugging would often entail the use of an in-circuit emulator and assembler code.

Delphi: Developed an application with a “wizard-like” interface to prompt employers with simple questions regarding their pay-roll status, and produce completed forms for taxation purposes.

Professional Competencies Summary

Development Tools: Borland C/C++, Unix C/C++, Java JDK, Eclipse, Delphi Compilers, In-Circuit Emulators, OpenUI, VRTX, Cross Compilers

Languages: C++, C, Java, Delphi/Object Pascal, SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, UNIX Shell Script

Databases: Oracle, Postgresql, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Ingres, Codebase (xBase)

Operating Systems: Windows 95-XP, UNIX (Linux, Sun OS), Windows 3.1, DOS

Internet Development: Java Servlets (Tomcat), simple PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, CGI application development

Employment History