Employment History

NEC Australia

30/3/1992 — 24/3/1995 Software Engineer

As a member of the Design and Development Department of the Integrated Communication Products Group, I was involved in the design, implementation and testing of software in individual and group projects, which produced software for NEC Paging systems. The product was designed for the Japanese market as a cooperative project between NEC Japan (real-time embedded system hardware development) and NEC Australia (embedded system software development).

I spent a total of approximately seven months in several visits to Tokyo to liaise with local engineers in requirements analysis, design and integration testing.

In developing paging systems, I was involved in the following:

  • Developing a protocol analyser running on a UNIX Sun Workstation using C, TCL and OpenUI on top of X/Motif. The analyser was able to monitor or simulate one or both ends of a communication line between different parts of the paging system. This was a one man project and provided an invaluable testing tool for the communication interfaces of the central paging system.

  • Different components of the actual central paging system, which was a Japanese designed embedded system using the 68000 Motorola CPU. Parts of the system I designed and implemented included low level device drivers such as floppy disk and DMA drivers, and high level applications such as specialised queuing libraries and fault tolerant device monitoring. This included several upgrades and the addition of features and new systems to run on different hardware. Debugging and testing using in-circuit emulators and simulators was heavily used in resolving problems on unstable, multi-tasking platforms.

  • A more advanced protocol analyser running on an IBM lap-top using Microsoft Windows, to be able to monitor and simulate several different communications protocols used between different parts of a paging system. Developed in Borland C++.