Employment History

GE Capital Information Technology Solutions Pty. Ltd.

(formerly Ferntree Computer Corporation)

27/3/1995 — 18/12/1998
27/3/1995 — 31/10/1995 Analyst/Programmer
1/11/1995 — 18/12/1998 Senior Analyst/Programmer

I worked within the Application Services department. My role was as a member of a team of developers who produced client/server application solutions for various customers, predominantly large corporate and government. I had the opportunity in this time to learn and use a wide range of technologies and developed strong work practices based on sound development methodologies.

Projects I was involved in included:

Department of Treasury and Finance — Forward Estimates System: July to December 1998

Supported and enhanced an existing application that was written in-house. Performed analysis and development for several significant enhancements to the FES application. Programmed extensively in PowerBuilder/PFC and Oracle PL/SQL.

Department of Human Services — CAPWORKS: July 1997 to July 1998

Developed an object based client/server application to assist the Capital Management Branch (CMB) of DHS in managing the financial cash flow and milestone commitments of various construction and capital works projects. My responsibilities within this project included assisting in the development of the functional specification, consultation on technical specifications, maintaining and controlling the physical database design, change request management, and the design and implementation of the data conversion from the existing legacy system.

State Revenue Office — Pay-roll Annual Adjustment Diskette: January to June 1997

Developed an application assisting SRO customers to produce correct Pay-roll Annual Adjustment forms and thereby reducing the high rate of errors that SRO customers experienced in filling out these forms. I was responsible for the technical design and development of an MS-Windows (3.1x, Win95, WinNT) application with a “wizard-like” interface. The application was developed in Delphi to ensure reliability on thousands of different computers around the state and nationally. Diskettes were distributed to 16,000 SRO customers and 3,000 CPAs. The SRO received numerous letters of praise for providing a service that greatly simplified a complex process.

Australian Unity — Front Office: March to December 1996

I was involved in the development of an Australian Unity Front Office system to manage customer information and act as a user-friendly front end to several legacy insurance and building society systems. Specifically, I worked on the implementation and testing of many components of the system. I designed and implemented a background batch processing system to interface with other internal systems inside Australian Unity and provided trouble-shooting on many multi-user race condition issues. I programmed extensively in PowerBuilder and Microsoft SQL Server (Tesseract SQL).

Toyota Finance Association — Data conversion for new leasing system: January to March 1996

Designed and implemented procedures and scripts to perform data conversion to new database requirements. The process involved design and implementation of programs and scripts to validate and load flat text extract files into a SQL Server database, and convert data to correct table structures and used C++, MS-DOS batch files and SQL Server.

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (formerly the Board of Studies) — Assessment Processing System: March to December 1995

I aided in the design and construction of the Assessment Processing System, a Client/Server solution to manage VCE processing from enrolment through to final VCE assessment. I was dedicated to this project through the design, construction and implementation phases and was involved in initial support of the system. This project successfully met the required implementation dates and performance standards. I used C, PL/SQL and Oracle including database administration and tuning.

In mid-years of 1996, 1997 and 1998 the customer specifically requested me to assist in several short-term projects implementing feature enhancements to the APS system.