Employment History

Datatask Pty. Ltd.

4/1/1999 — 28/2/2005 Application Developer

Datatask develops computer based training courses. All application development is in C++ or Java.

Developing tools for the courseware development environment including a “Check-In/Check-Out Repository System” used as a revision control system for the Adobe Flash multimedia resources used for generating courseware. This was written as a browser based application using Java Servlets interfacing with a Postgresql database. Various components of the system involved the use of XML, Remote Method Invocations (RMI) and some client side components that interacted with the browser.

Lead a team in the conversion of courseware from a internal proprietary format to using Adobe Flash for courseware delivery.

I have been involved in the development of several major parts of the student management and courseware delivery system, including:

  • Revamping the learning management system. Using Codebase as the database backend I designed and implemented a standard interface for the rest of the system to retrieve and update information in a multi-user system where many students are accessing the system concurrently.

  • Developed company methodologies for configuration and exception management. The server component of the learning management system runs on several different platforms including Windows, UNIX and OS390. Standardised interfaces and management of configuration and exceptions improved code robustness and portability.

  • Developed the “Datatrain Viewer” which could be used in place of a company browser to access the Intranet portion of delivery system for customers where a WWW browser was unavailable.

  • Make our courseware interoperate with third-party management systems that conform to open standards such as SCORM and AICC, which involves the use of test-beds and generation of XML based configuration files.

Developed the “Datatrain Workbench” which allowed students anywhere on the Internet to submit JCL, Cobol and other jobs to Datatask, to be processed by the company’s P390. The server is fully multi-threaded and runs on a Linux server. It will receive jobs from the students, submit them to the P390, hold the results and allow the student to retrieve them.

Acting as system administrator for the company Internet firewall, web and mail server, which is running on the Linux operating system.